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Sad news

Very sad news for show goers and exhibitors

It has been a tragic few months with Carona 19  virus.

I have been receiving emails from many of the shows I have attended over the years informing me of them being canceled this year. I can only imagine this is devastating to all involved.

Me and my family's thoughts are with every one affected by this blight.

Gardeners World Live

Exciting News!

beehive winners

We are thrilled to be the Winners of The Judges Commendation Award Family Business of the Year 2019

Maggies hive

Check out this great video by Maggie who is a fantastic vidographer !! 

Note on the wasps. the entrance hols on the Gardeners Beehive are a specific size and length. I noticed that bees and wasps cannot fight head on , from looking at and in a wild hive, so I incorporated this in a hive, tested it and it works so now I incorporate it in all my hives. 

WHere to find us

"Meet My BEES"

"Meet My BEES"

"Meet My BEES"

Natural honey bee nest beehive box

Meet my bees is on hold until further notice

If you would like to see MY HIVES IN ACTION I do a MEET MY BEES MORNING on the first Saturday of each month from March until November. 

This covers an over view of HONEY BEES , beekeeping and bee hosting. (Stansted in Essex)

If you have any question about where I'll be or what Ill be talking about please feel free to just phone me on: 0127 9814 301

"Meet My BEES"

"Meet My BEES"

natural beekeeping , for everyone.

"Meet My BEES"

Pooh bear and natural beekeeping


No upcoming events.

Even Winnie the Pooh knows bees live in trees

winnie the pooh 's  bee trees