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This page is specifically for Farmers


There's much to see here. So, take your time, look around, and learn all there is to know about this very unique product. This page is for Farmers to find out more about the  Farmers Gardeners Beehive  built specifically for you guys.

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Pollination security

 Where do you get your polinaitors? Bought bumblebees or by luck from wild bugs. 

With the Gardeners Beehive :

 Reduce the total reliance on bumblebees in boxes 

Increase Honey Bee number without suppressing existing pollinators.

Increase pollination security. 

In addition to the wild bugs, here you will have wild bugs in a box that can be measured.


Once installed, the hives have to baited until bees move in and then after that there is no maintenance or servicing.

What is the cost?

Hives are sold 10 at a time. 

£2,000.00 no Vat 

I will deliver free if you are within 2 hours drive from Stansted in Essex.

Or I will post and that is about £70.00 extra.

That is everything you need. 

Hive, with roof and legs,  lure, instructions, special wood chip for the inside, everything you need to get up and running. 

DIFFERENCES between DOMESTIC and farmers hive

farmers beehive

Over view

You will notice the hive body size is the same , but the farmers version has longer legs


The farmers version is not intended for honey so there are only holes down the front as inspection holes.


The legs are mounted in the same way however they are longer allowing the hive to stand higher, thus allowing longer grass in front and around the hive 


The price is lower and this can be done as the hive is not externally finished off and by sell ten at a time.

I can come to site and do some training as well as a site inspection for hive allocation. This is only viable depending on your proximity to Stansted in Essex , or at a cost.


 Farmers Gardeners Beehive  Hives are £200.00 each plus P+P

They are sold 10 at a time.

If you are with in a reasonable distance from Stansted Essex I will deliver free.

If you would like me to do a farm or site survey I charge £500.00 for 6 hours on site (one day) + flights or transport + accommodation and expenses as needed. 

If you would like me to do a talk or lecture I charge £500.00 for 6 hours on site (one day) + flights or transport + accommodation and expenses as needed. 

I will however do marketing educational talks depending on the number of people and the potential for sales from the meeting. for small fee.


How long before I get bees? Two weeks to to years give or take. Once you have one hive filled they will then cascade over into the empty hives.

What is the difference between a NORMAL beehive like a WBC and a GARDENERS BEEHIVE?

Normal beehives are for making honey, and have to be serviced by a beekeeper every 11 days in summer.

GARDENERS BEEHIVE if for pollination only.

If you have any questions please just call and I will be more than happy to chat on the phone.

beehive location on a farm


Additional Information

Gardeners Beehive for farmers

There are some fundamental differences between what I would call the Gardeners Beehive hive and the Farmers Gardeners Beehive hive.

*The Farmers Gardeners Beehive hive is £200.00 each but sold 10 at a time. I will deliver free if the farm is within an hour from Stansted. Further than this will incur a delivery charge.

*The Farmers Gardeners Beehive hive has longer more sturdy legs, so the hive stands higher. The reason for this is to allow longer grass in front of the hive.

*The Farmers Gardeners Beehive hive is not finished off as refinally as the domestic version. 

*The Farmers Gardeners Beehive beehive is not only  available to farmers but any one who would like to buy in balk. 

Learn More

The picture above shows a very basic idea of where to place hives in relation to poly tunnels or orchids.

the arrow points North. and the hives are 50 to 100 metres from the poly tunnels or orchid but a minimum of 100 metres from each other. Ideally about 200 metres as a minimum distance from each other.

The hive entrances will face the morning sun or south.

As the  Farmers Gardeners Beehive  is a tree stump it ideally should be places with trees or in or along a hedge line with summer shade and winter sun, but the latter is not critical.

best beehive location on a farm

Site location

Hive location to target

Bee hives should be west north and east of the target.

about 50 metres from the target

About 100 to 200 metres apart 

East South or West facing 

You can face then directly at the poly tunnels but it would be better to point them at the ends of the tunnels or the mass of the orchid.


Site demographics will be affect bees flight path , things like buildings and trees. More often than not bees will not fly over things but rather around them.

best beehive for sale for a meadow

Maintenance and servicing

Once the hive is set up it will have to have the lure sprayed on once a week from mid April though to August or until bees move in.

There after there is no need for any maintenance. 


The hive must remain vertical and not tilt over. 

if it is knocked over by badgers it can be secured down in any number of ways or with the use of my badger kit to secure them down to the ground.

The grass in front of the hive must also be kept timed. 

before they move in it must be trimmed low as possible but after they are in it can be left a little longer but the entrance must never be allowed to become obstructed.