Gardeners Beehive Kit

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I have lost my longstanding contract at work, My main form of income. So I am afraid I can no longer supplements hive prices. So regrettably because of this I have had to return the price back to the original price of £235.00 + P & P This price will be fixed I hope with no escalation for the rest of 2019

PLEASE NOTE: Purchasing through the website are for UK mainland. If you are outside the UK, I would love to still send you a GARDENERS BEEHIVE. Because postage will vary, please E-mail or phone for postage price. Thank you.

Call: +44 127 9814 301

For other payment methods (cheque or bank transfer) please call me on 01279814301 to arrange this.

Thank you again for considering buying a GARDENERS BEEHIVE to help save the honey bees

Some Books I would recommend

Some colour to brighten up your day

Painting your hive

Paint your hive to get your pictures on my Instagram and web site!! 

So in the past I have always recomended this for painting : only paint once the bees have been in for at least three months. Now I have a paint I think will work great.