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Garden Beehive's

Garden Beehive'sGarden Beehive'sGarden Beehive's

Bees for Bees Sake

Hi and Welcome

Welcome to the GARDENERS BEEHIVE .... a honey bee nesting-box

  News Flash.

I'll only be posting hives every Monday, for now as I am working at  Cambridge Addenbrooke's Hospital. 

Stock is now depleted and there is no prospect of getting raw materials. You can have a look to see what is left. 

Parcel force are still delivering but I can not say for how much longer.

A thing of wonder and beauty for your garden.

It is Simply for honey bees to live in and as simple as a bird-box to use.

A simple system of natural beekeeping. That anyone can have, even with limited or no beekeeping experience. 

By giving bees a nest, we are doing so much more than just plant flowers! 

Because Bees are struggling in the modern world. YOU CAN DO MORE NOW, by put a GARDENERS BEEHIVE IN YOUR GARDEN,,, ON THE ROOF AT WORK, or IN THE CAR PARK! ANYWHERE OUTSIDE. Like NIKE said..  "JUST DO IT!"

beekeeping, the natural way

 By providing HONEY BEE's a nest a GARDENERS BEEHIVE we help with the biggest challenge honey bees face. That is a lack of suitable places to nest. With exploding urban areas,  houses are now, where  farms and wild countryside used to be. You to can now give something back. This system of bee-hosting rather than bee-keeping is an ethical and bee friendly system like no other.

No Faffing 

Super simple.

No heavy lifting, 

No weekly visits.

No specialist training.

No servicing or maintenance.

Bees move in on their own! Then left alone.

Beginners beekeeping. Natural beekeeping. Amateur beekeeping. What I call "Honey Bee Hosting" 

Everything needed to get started "Gardeners Beehive" kit  £235.00 + (£32.00 P&P)  one easy to use kit. Just click the link to buy.

This is NOT a "bug hotel" or a "bumblebee nest". This is a natural beehive

A beautifully thought out topic of amazement for you, your friends and family

This VIDEO was FILMED a few years ago now


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