Bees for Bees Sake


GARDENERS BEEHIVE  It’s like a bird-box but for honey bees

A very simple system of natural beekeeping. Developed to helping honey bees ( Apis mellifera ) first, before Honey. It's for people like you, who just want to help honey bees and maybe get a little honey as a bonus. 

 This is more bee-hosting than bee-keeping, like a bird box is hosting birds not keeping bird. But still remains ethical and is totally legal. Based on many aspects that work best in the wild, all put together into one mock tree-stump, a GARDENERS BEEHIVE. Working with bees, and nature. Helping to save the honey bees.


No Faffing 

Supper simple.

No heavy lifting, 

No weekly visits.

No specialist training.

Bees move in on their own! 


Beginners beekeeping. Natural beekeeping. Amateur beekeeping. What I call "Honey Bee Hosting" 


Start rite now! All you will need is a "Gardeners Beehive" it's £235.00 + (£32.00 P&P) everything you need to get started, in one easy to use set..


This is NOT a "bug hotel" or a "bumblebee nest". This is a real all natural beehive

From me, to you, and for friends and family, as a very unique gift . 


Would you like to buy one? 


Rite now is the perfect time to make a real difference.

Natural beekeeping
Natural beekeeping


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