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GARDENERS BEEHIVE  It’s a bird-box for honey bees. 

( Apis mellifera ) This system developed with the aim of putting honey bees first, before Honey or convenience. This is not a mainstream beekeeping beehive. But still remains a legitimate beekeeping system and is totally legal. Based on aspects that work best in the wild, all put together into a mock tree-stump, Working with bees, and nature not just trying to capitalise from it. 

No Hassle 

No Faffing 

No chemical all natural beekeeping

No heavy lifting, 

No weekly visits though summer or excessive continues maintenance. 

No specialist training, or fancy beekeeping equipment and tools.

 Bees move in on their own! 

Beginners beekeeping. Natural beekeeping. Amateur beekeeping. What I call "Honey Bee Hosting" 

To take action, "Gardeners Beehive KIT" from  £235.00 + (£32.00 P&P) everything you need to get started, in one easy to use kit..

This is NOT a "bug hotel" or a "bumblebee nest". This is an all natural beehive

From me, to you, and the bees, as a very unique gift for friends and family. With the aim of help increase honey bee numbers.

Yes you can act today, would you like to buy one? 

  To Order a Gardeners Beehive KIT       

Would you like to learn more?

A little about me and the GARDENERS BEEHIVE

Honey bees like all other bugs are under ever increasing threat from pesticides, herbicides, bad farming practices, GMO's, urbanisation and so on.

!! BUT !!

 Honey bees have an added challenge unique to them. They cannot and do not hibernate! What dose this mean? Well this is a huge contributing factor to their success around the world, but now its a part of the  problem leading to their plight. Honey bees need a very specific nest to live in. This is because they need to store honey. This is Because honey bees, unlike bumblebees,  do not hibernate! So they need, to make and store food for winter , Honey,.

Bees naturally would live in hollow trees, along with all the symbiotic bugs and insects that this would provide. Simple, so lets plant trees, the problem is, an oak tree needs to be around a 100 years old before it is ready for bee habitation. "Huston we have a problem". 

Give them beehives? Well bees do not choose to live in beehives, that is why its called beekeeping, not bee-hosting.

So I created a Mock tree stump, Honey bee hosting , not keeping, the Gardeners Beehive because on mass, mass producing of real tree stumps is not viable or sustainable and we need as many as possible.

Even Winnie The Pooh knows bees live in trees.

Gardeners Beehive is a mock tree-stump, mechanically ideal derived from what works best in the wild, and Biologically  what they need to live with symbiotically. Now all they need is a location and caring people like you.

Because Honey Bees are worth saving.

Exciting News!


We are thrilled and delighted to announce that we were Winners of The Judges Commendation Award Family Business of the Year 2019.

We were also Runners up in London & South East Family Business of the Year and a Finalist in Homes & Gardens Family Business of the Year.

We would like to thank the judges and most importantly our customers, supporters, family and friends.


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