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 Gardeners Beehive 

I believe there is a new wave of Gardeners and Beekeepers who's aim it is to help save HONEY BEES  (Apis mellifera ) by simply giving them a home. NOT A BEEHIVE. From where they can make babies and just do what bees are meant to do. So I created the GARDENERS BEEHIVE  Because it's more mock tree-stump, than beehive, it's a nest , a home.

More fun and even more interesting than traditional beekeeping!


My Philosophy: "Saving the HONEY BEE, because I believe they are worth saving."

by simply providing safe, natural nesting home.

No Beekeeper Needed

No Training Needed.

No heavy lifting

Instructions included, will cover everything you need to know to operate your Gardeners Beehive.

This is NOT a bug hotel or a bumblebee nest, this is a honey bee's home.

No interaction with bees ever needed.

Yes you can get honey or not if you don't want.

Yes its a nest not a hive.

Yes it makes a great and very unique gift

Yes it can be placed almost anywhere outside

Yes you can get started right now,  all you need is the  Gardeners Beehive KIT  

                    The "GARDENERS BEEHIVE" is a “MOCK-TREE-STUMP" rather than a beehive. 

                                                    That works as simply as a bird-box

Sir David Attenborough reported his concern over a decline in honey bees by a 1/3, in the last five years!  THAT'S 30% ! We must now all do our bit. Help by becoming a "bee-colony-host"  buy a "Gardeners Beehive". No matter where you live, in a suburban new build house or in a large country estate, any outdoor space will do. 

It's beekeeping for beginners and is as simple as it can gets. As simple to manage as a bird box. But the best thing of all, unlike a bird box where you don’t expect to get any eggs. With a Gardeners Beehive you can even get a little honey. 

Right now is the best time of the year to install. 

How cool would it be to have your own bees? In your garden! That just move in on their own

Would you like to buy one?



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