Bees for Bees Sake

Saving HONEY BEES, by simply giving them a home. A Gardeners Beehive works like a "bird-box". A safe home for honey bees.


My Philosophy: "Saving the HONEY BEE, because I believe they are worth saving."

No Beekeeper Needed

No Training Needed.

No heavy lifting

Instructions cover everything. Setting up and running, in one, simple, handy kit.


A "GARDENERS BEEHIVE" requires no  interaction with the bees. It's easier and more affordable than all other beekeeping systems. In fact, this is not beekeeping but rather “honey-bee-hosting”.  It works like a “bird-box", but for "honey-bees." This is because it's a “MOCK-TREE-STUMP" rather than a beehive.

My hobby is observing and collecting data on bees in the wild. I have always built and tried to perfect, what I believe to be is an ideal home, or as close as dammit to one. Using the natural habits and rhythm of honey-bees. Working with nature, rather than trying to take advantage of it.  Because mimicking a tree stump, which is the honey-bees’ natural habitat, is best. 

 I am on a mission, with your help, to get 10 000 new nesting sites in England, with Gardeners beehives, this is just to provide a safe, unhindered,  home to a colony in our gardens.

Sir David Attenborough reported his concern in a decline in honey bees by a third over the last five years!  We must all do our bit, to help. Help by becoming a "bee-colony-host"  buy a "Gardeners Beehive". No matter where you live, in a suburban new build house or in a large country estate, any outdoor space will do. 

It's beekeeping for beginners and is as simple as it can gets. As simple to manage as a bird box. But the best thing of all, unlike a bird box where you don’t expect to get any eggs. With a Gardeners Beehive you can even get a little honey. 

Any time, is the best time of the year to install.  So why not get one rite now?

How cool would it be to have your own bees? In your garden!

Would you like to buy one?



I ship with inter-parcel and their 48 hour service. however from now until Christmas I can not grantee that you will get your order in time, for Christmas. I will however do my bit to get any orders out as quick as I can. Just another note. Now over winter is the best time to get your hive installed as the more it can weather in over winter the better your chances in spring next year of attracting a swarm of bees to move in. With this said I will only be closed from 22 December till 3 January.

Have a safe Christmas if you are driving and may you all have a blessed Christmas and new year.


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