How to set up your Gardeners Beehive

Because this is a Honey-Bee-nest. Derived from quiet observation of bees in the wild, in their natural habitat, not in a hive, but in the wild, in tree stumps. Think more "tree stump" than "beehive".

Don't over complicate things, it really only is : Order your Gardeners Beehive.  Then  assemble + bait and place in your garden. Then bees just  moving in. Then? . Well nothing, you will have bees in a " MOCK TREE STUMP" in the garden.

What to do

1 Install

Honey bee


Install in your garden any time of the year, just follow the instructions included with the hive. The Gardeners Beehive is this big because it has to be. It's for honey bees, there is only one type of honey bee in the UK, this is not for the 300+ types of bumble / solitary / masonry bee.

2 Announce a new home

Location diagram for a Gardeners Beehive

When you get your hive, you will have everything you need to get started. The instructions will explain a good location to set your hive up . Then spray with lure and announce you are ready, to all passing bees.

3 Swarm moves in

Honey bees moving into a Gardeners' Beehive

Then , the exciting part, How quick will you get bees and what are your chances in the first year?? If you have bees in your garden you have a very good chance of getting bees. My urban customers last year, had a 70% to 80% hit rate and rural areas even higher, so I say, to be safe: " It will take two weeks to two years until bees move in.

4 Then what?

Cross section of a Gardeners' Beehive

Then bees move in. What then? Well then nothing! You then effectively have a tree stump with a nest of bees. They are quite adept at looking after themselves. For many years to come.

Above is a section view through a 

Gardeners' Beehive

A : roof

E : body of hive

F : entrance holes

H : symbiotic bugs and wood chip

K : brood wax

L : honey for winter

5 Share the big news

Honey bees inside a Gardeners' Beehive

Tell the world, there is a new hive in town, and it is more genteel.

 Gardeners not Beekeepers.

Your friends and family will be amazed!! 

6 Honey? Honey!

A honey box on the side of a Gardeners' Beehive

Now not everyone wants honey, some like me just want the satisfaction of having and helping "Bees For Bees Sake"  But taking honey using the “ nook and cranny honey harvesting system “   this has no impact on your bees winter stock of honey! It's a quirk, I have found in wild bees, and we are the only system of beekeeping that take advantage of this.

So to get honey, in spring put “honey boxes ” on, then in autumn take them off. If it was a good summer they will be full, 6 to 8 jars of honey!  If not a good summer then only a little or none, but the honey you do get is amazing! 

About Us

Kevin building Gardeners' Beehives

We Truly Care

Yes about the environment and people. Yes this is to help honey bees but not to the detriment of others. So all the wood we use is certified from ethical harvesting. All wood is A graded and to BS standard. Screws and studs are made in Germany and Italy. The roof is marine ply and has a 10 year coating. I could go on but you get my picture. 

Comparing a Gardeners' Beehive to a natural hive

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

 Yes this is a little rough and ready, that is the idea. It is built tough and simple, but clever. There are lots of design aspects and features built into this hive to mimic a honey bees natural environment.  I try to dispatch as soon as possible and keep everyone informed with tracking numbers. I love speaking to our customers so if you have any queries, want more information or just want to have a chat about the bees, please drop me a line. I use Pay Pal as they are world renowned, not cheap to me but safe for you. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Honey bee

Questions & Answers

PROOF THAT IT WORKS? : Fantastic news!! Tiptree Jam Copyright © Wilkin & Sons Ltd.  had six installed over the winter and three of the six now have had bees move in!

 Is it well made? 

Built tough to last for many, many years.

The roof is marine ply coated with special 10 year roof coating.

The box is 2X as thick as normal hives, and only A graded timber is used, screwed AND glued.

All the screws are made in Germany

Hive body is raw (has to be) the legs are pressure treated.

Why so big? :  This is natural beekeeping the ideal size from research and the bees need enough space to store their winter supply of honey to survive the winter.

What does it cost? : It is £235.00  (but actually only £185.00 with  free discount loyalty code on the Buy Page) this is for everything to get started, and with a little luck to get bees, however you can buy more lure if you require. 

Do I have to get honey? : In the second year you can install “honey boxes” these attach to the sides and that is how we collect the honey, only if you want to.

How many honey boxes do I need? : You only need if you would like honey, and you can put one, two or three on.​

When is the best time to put one in? : Anytime of the year, because it ideally needs to weather in a little, to be more appealing.

How long will it take to get bees? : two weeks to two years.

How big must my garden be? : From a balcony in London ,or a terrace garden to a stately home (The only prerequisite is a clearing of 3 to 5 metres in front of the Hive.)

How much honey will I get? : This is the only completely self-regulating hive system.So sometimes a few jars, other years nothing.

Can I buy one directly from you without carriage charge? : Yes, just call first. or go to beekeeping supplies page.