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Kevin Hancock founder of Gardeners' Beehive

Hi I'm Kevin


My ambition is simple: help honey bees by giving them thousands of homes. My invention the Gardeners Beehive is how. Stopping "extermination by deprivation of habitat."  The most pressing thing is "bees really need safe homes", a beehive is not that. 

So from humble beginnings helping with the bees on my Grandfathers farm in Africa as a little boy, to catching my first swarm when I was about twelve years old. I have always seemed to have had bees around. Never really for honey either, but for the fascination of bees. Now with bees under threat I have been working for many years on how we can help honey bees help themselves

Kevin building Gardeners' Beehives

Then there was a GARDENERS' BEEHIVE

With my interest in bees being more about bees than beekeeping, I wanted to build a honey bee nest for a colony that lost their home when a big Oak tree had been cut down, so from all the data I had from bee in the wild I built my first bee nest. That was many years ago now. Many, many more have been built since then. Bee centred not honey centred, bee-hosting not bee-keeping, a different mindset met something totally new. Then talking bees, three years ago, with a work colleague "You have to tell the world!" he said "about your bee nest" he insisted. So that was when my bee-nest became the "Gardeners Beehive".

A Gardeners' Beehive

Let the madness begin

It has taken me many years to  perfected a safe home for honey bees. Living in the UK for almost the last twenty years I have built up quite a substantial knowledge of bees in the wild. From the mycelium and bugs in the bottom, to the lure to attract a swarm. But the clincher came with me observing how bees squirrel honey away, but never using some of it in winter. This then gave us a way to harvest honey with no detrimental affect to the colonies winter stock! And there you have it, the only self regulating honey bee honey harvesting system in existence. Whilst honey is not the aim of this hive, it is a little fun perk. I am so pleasantly surprised how many people, like me, just want to help bees. But now to make my dream of thousands of new colony's a reality, I have moved from learning and studying bees to learning and studying marketing and business, its a steep learning curve, all this marketing and sales stuff! But it is something I have to succeed at for the good of all. Thank you for your interest, now please pass it on.

That's me!


Hello there. Here is a little video introduction.

Video from 2017

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